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Revitalizing EZO Hoodie

Revitalizing EZO Hoodie

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Experience the natural infinite power of fibers embedded with minerals emitting gentle infrared light.  Infrared light is known to stimulate water molecules in your body to increase circulation and begin the recovery process leading to health benefits. Our revitalizing hoodie may help you to reach and achieve a calm or relaxed state so that your body and mind becomes your medicine.      Some benefits from daily use:  
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Faster recovery & energy
  • Improved circulation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Better focus
  • Elevated mood

Our pullover hoodie with pouch pocket is lightweight, odor resistant, durable and easy care.  Wear it indoors, outdoors, at work, shopping, traveling, playing sports, exercising, yoga, reading or sleeping.

Articles & Studies on Infrared 
Biological effects and Medical Applications 
How does infrared therapy work?

Disclaimer:  As this product does not replace your medication please continue as advised by your health care provider.  With any alternative therapeutic product, you may ask your health care provider if this product is right for you. 

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