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CORESHORTS™ PRO 1.0 - "Global" Functional Stability LIMITED TIME OFFER

CORESHORTS™ PRO 1.0 - "Global" Functional Stability LIMITED TIME OFFER

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CORESHORTS™ PRO 1.0 global support for the low back, pelvis, hip, and groin areas while allowing for maximum motion.

  • Patented "X" Core Activation System featuring a bolstered 4 way 230 g stretch fabric.
  • 40% more directional & functional stability than a regular compression short.
  • Recommended for all ages and activity levels.
  • Walking, running, biking, golf, gardening, gym exercise, postpartum stability, hip replacement, hernia repair, day to day activities.
  • Latex Free, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Quick Dry Wicking Material.

If you are wearing a regular compression short, you need to be wearing CORESHORTS™ PRO 1.0... "A Compression Short with a Purpose"

The only patented compression short designed to connect the low back, pelvis and hip to improve core function.

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